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Winterize Your AC Unit for Denver Winters

As we move from Summer to Fall in the Denver Metro area, now is the perfect time to WINTERIZE your air conditioning unit for the long winter months ahead.

Your home’s air conditioning unit is a huge investment and an important and vital appliance for your family’s comfort, safety and quality of life. Performing a few small tasks now will keep your investment in the best condition possible and save you money in the long run by extending the life of your unit.

Here are few simple tasks that can be completed in a few hours that will properly prepare your air conditioner for its time off during the winter.

Properly Shut Down Your AC Unit

Properly shutting down your ac unit is not difficult and is very important if you want your unit to last through the often harsh winter months that Denver, CO experiences.

  1. Turn off exterior power to the central air unit. Locate your outside circuit that controls your AC unit and flip the switch. Cutting main power will prevent someone from inadvertently turning your unit on when it shouldn’t be on and will also prevent damage to your unit.

prepare-sc-for-winterClean Your AC Unit and Prepare For Down Time

  1. Is is always best to have your unit cleaned by a NATE Certified HVAC technician. All Weather provides such a service and our Service Members receive this service for FREE as a perk for being a Member.
  2. Once the power has been cut to the unit, inspect the area around your unit. Look for debris, leaves, branches and rake those away. Hose your unit off with a water hose and let it dry for a few hours.

Protect Your Unit From Harsh Winter Weather

  1. When you AC unit is COMPLETELY dry….. cover it! All Weather recommends purchasing an approved custom fit cover for your AC from your units manufacturer.  A properly fitting cover will protect your units condenser coil, which is located inside the unit, and will keep it clean.
  2. A waterproof tarp or similar covering could work as well. Make sure however, that you secure it with bungee cords or ties.

You’re done! Securing your AC Unit for Winter.

Next, should turn your attention to your furnace as it will soon be put to use!

Your NATE Certified professional at All Weather,  strongly suggest having a complete furnace tune-up performed before turning on your heat for the winter.  While our uniformed service professional is at your location, we will happily take a look at your winterization tasks to make sure they are done properly and completely.

For more information on preparing your air conditioner for the off-season, and to make sure your heating system is in good shape for winter, contact us today!

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