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How To Prepare Your Furance For Winter

How To Prepare Your Furance For Winter

The evening temperatures in Denver are rapidly dropping. It wont be long before our day time temperatures are equally as cold and we start experiencing snow fall.  Keep your family warm and toasty throughout Denver’s bitter Winter by taking a few moments to ensure that your furnace is in proper working order, safe and is operating at maximum energy efficiency.

Alot can happen during the warmer summer months that can affect your furnace. Dont wait until that first cold day to switch on your furnace only to find it isn’t working.

Of course it is always best to have a NATE Certified HVAC professional come out and inspect your furnace. All Weather offers a Tune Up for just $69.00. Our tune-ups consist of a detailed safety inspection, condition checks on all other mechanical and electrical components and removal of debris. We also provide for you a complete report at the end of the tune-up to ensure proper performance and reliability of your heating.

There are things you can do yourself, such as:

Change the furnace filters regularly.

The time frame for changing our furnace filters varies. Some experts recommend every 30 days, others say every three months. Take a look at your furnace filter after 30 days of operation. You will know if it needs replacing or not. If it still looks pretty good, check it again in another 30 days to determine how often you should change your filters.

Keep the are around your furnace free of debris and objects.

If you have placed objects near or on your furnace during the summer remove them, particularly anything that might catch fire. Do forget to make sure your air ducts and return vents are also clear of debris.

Clean your air vents and ducts.

how to clean air filtersUse a screwdriver to remove vent covers. Take your everyday vacuum cleaner and use the extensions hose to remove any dust. If your ducts are especially dirty we recommend having them professionally cleaned. Clean air ducts will greatly increase the efficiency of your furnace.



Utilize a programmable thermostat.

Set it lower your homes temperature when you are away at work and school or when the day time temperatures are warmer.The Consumer Energy Center states that you could save 20 to 75% on your furnace’s operating costs by using a programmable thermostat.

It isn’t easy finding and choosing a reliable HVAC contractor to provide affordable, quality services for your home heating, cooling and ventilation needs. We want to make it easier for you! All Weather works diligently to earn your trust and to become your “go to” HVAC source to keep your family comfortable and safe year round.

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