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Handling Fall/Winter Allergies in Denver CO

ALERT: Denver is in the top ten for ragweed allergies nationwide.

ALERT: EPA: http://www.epa.gov/air/basic.html#indoor estimates indoor air levels of pollutants as much as 100 times higher than outdoor air! 

Breathing Is Not Optional

Recent studies have supported that the incidence of allergies generally has increased. Sensitivity to ragweed, in addition to mold, dust mites, cats and dogs is all on the rise. Allergens, pollutants and microorganisms thrive in the air inside your home. All the information we have seen gives a new meaning to, “stepping out for a breath of fresh air”.

Inhaling and exhaling are not optional.  Mild sensitivity and more extreme reactions to allergens within your home can be making you and your family sick.  If your home received an air quality report card, would it get an A or an F?

All Weather Heating and Cooling wants you to “breath easy” and make your dream of a “Home Sweet Home” a reality.  This month, we look forward to imparting important information to help you foster a clean and fresh environment within your home.  Please follow our informative discussions relating to critical facts about the internal air quality of your home and a related topic on duct and furnace cleaning.

Fall And Winter Is Almost Here

As the summer comes to a close, fall and winter equals falling temperatures, more time indoors and your heater coming on. This time of year also equals increased exposure to the allergens in your home that can be affected positively or negatively by the unique balance of humidity, moisture, airflow, filtration, and duct conditions in your home.

Allergic reactions and asthma symptoms are triggered by indoor allergens. Allergies, combined with Asthma, is common. Web MD indicates that as much as eighty percent of people with asthma have allergies. Children, those with asthma, and the elderly are especially sensitive to indoor pollutants. The affects of poor indoor air quality are thought to be evident immediately, upon expose. The scary part is that the affects of repeated exposure can actually appear years later.

Allergies Without Flowers

Ever wonder how you can still be coughing and sneezing when all the plants you think are the cause of your allergy symptoms are dead and gone till Spring?  The truth is, allergens in your home are stirred up by your forced air system as you are stirring up your hot chocolate.  This can be avoided and we will tell you how.

Health Symptoms Related to Poor Indoor Air Quality

There are a number of health related symptoms that can be traced back to poor indoor air.  Headaches, sinus issues, congestion, and problems sleeping are just a few.  Trouble with fatigue and concentration can also occur.

The health of your home is directly linked to your own.

 All Weather Offers Helpful Hints on How To Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

  • Pet Allergies:
    • Keeping your pet out of your bedroom or your children’s bedroom at night will greatly decrease the 8 to 9 sleeping hours of concentrated exposure
    • Bathing or grooming your pet more often reduces the allergen burden.
    • Dust Mites:
      • Reduce house humidity below 30 to 35 percent as dust mites (microscopic critters) love humid air
      • No fish tanks or humidifiers running in bedrooms

We will have more “Helpful Tips” in upcoming blogs. Keep reading and let All Weather work with you to decrease health compromising allergens in your home and increase your comfort and well-being for years to come.


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Call Us (303)353–8496
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